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Jonathan Smith
Digital Media
28 June 2007
MovieMaker Box Digital Video Project

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I had to rip a DVD that I owned into an Mpeg movie file and then edit it in Movie Maker.  I had to record my own voice and add additional music and create a new audio track.  I got my idea from the college of business website and the movie Resident Evil part 1.  I learned that I can create interesting, little creative movies with this program.
I learned that movie maker is a lot more powerful than I thought that it was, I also learned how to add multiple audio tracks to video clips, I now have a better understanding of effects and transitions, not something that I use in my video editing endeavors. 
I can apply this information and knowledge to any video editing software and make stunning eye catching short films to gain an audiences attention.
This shows that with a little creativity that I can attract a larger audience and thus get more attention for my newfound abilities as an armature film maker.


My Video Commercial Running Time 2 Min. 12 Sec.  (7.50 MB) My Video Commercial