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Jonathan Smith
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28 June 2007
PowerPoint Box PowerPoint Project

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I had to pick a topic and then I had to hunt down several pictures to embed in this presentation.  I also had to mix audio and music as well.  I had to give a demonstration of how to pick a horror movie, a lot of written text and a large glossary and several informative hyperlinks to the internet for more information to the viewer of my presentation.
I got my ideas from horror films that I watch when I can.  The biggest problem was finding decent pictures to embed into my presentation.  I used the hyperlinks for people to learn more about a few specific horror movies to enhance their own knowledge.  I can create stunning slide shows that can benefit me and I can send a very powerful educational experience to those willing to learn.
I learned how to embed audio, pictures and video into a power point presentation to create not only a work of art but a powerful tool for teaching others through visual arts.
I can apply this knowledge by teaching and informing others to any subject matter that may arise.  This shows that I can effectively create a visual learning tool and teach others valuable knowledge.  Unfortunately my slideshow is to large to have on the internet, so for the moment you can only view pictures of each slide.  If anyone would like to see the slideshow, please email me and we can work something out.
PowerPoint Slide 1 PowerPoint Slide 2 PowerPoint Slide 3 PowerPoint Slide 4
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