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Jonathan Smith
Digital Media
28 June 2007
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The hands on in this course were very informative, very helpful and useful, I learned the basics of several software programs that I never encountered before.
Knowing how to edit pictures, sounds, creating a fast web page, editing video to useful formats, and creating PowerPoint presentations.  These programs are very important in the business world because people are by nature visual learners and knowing how to use these programs can captivate and draw in more customers, or even keep current ones.
The process that I went through to complete this e-portfolio was to create hands on projects with five different pieces of software.  All of which are in this website, the website alone is one of those five.  A small sample of all the software used during this course is presented here in this website.
I learned that hands on experience is the best training of all, and not to be intimidated by software, just muster up the courage and find out what you can accomplish if you put your heart and soul into it.









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