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Jonathan Smith
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28 June 2007
Adobe Photoshop Elements Box Digital Imaging Project

Photo of Jonathan Smith

I had to take several pictures to create a panoramic photograph with a digital camera and then combine them in Photoshop.  I got my Idea to take the pictures behind my condo because it was quiet and not a lot of movement, I had to do this several times because my photos did not line up properly.  I used a tripod and just got better taking pictures.
I could be a good photographer if I work at it a little harder.  I know have the basics of Adobe Photoshop, and I can create very cool panoramic images as well as several other tricks and other cool features that I am now able to do.
I can apply what I have learned in this course to make stunning photographs to attract the attention of other people thus making me more productive.
This shows that I can learn anything if I have the true desire to accomplish the tasks at hand.
panoramic image of the Field behind my condo
Click photo to view full size.  (200KB)