Active Client and Other Assistance



Register CAC (Must be Logged into AKO)


AKO Internal Settings/Helpful Links = Changing Settings within AKO such as password/KBA/Security Question resets, Add External Email to account                                                  


Helpful Tips for Windows Users = Key Board Layout, Short cuts for accessing Windows Tools


Useful Websites = Access to Personal records, Access AKO Email directly, Finding a DEERs Office, MOS Reclassification look up


Third Party Browsers Newest versions (Windows) = (Chrome , Firefox) = (CAC Login/User ID and Password works), (Opera, Safari) = (CAC Login Does not work, Only User ID and Password)

Third Party Browser Extensions (Windows) = Newest Versions of Flash Player and Java (Updated Version of Java may be necessary to access AKO)


Internet Browser Trouble Shooting = Clear out Internet Browsing History/Cache and adjusting browser settings to function with AKO