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Jonathan Smith
Digital Media
28 June 2007
Hi I'm Natalie and this is my website. To tell you a bit about what I like I made a list (Ahhmm) Anime, Pokemon,RPG(role-playing games) dress-up, fantasy and pastel colors.

The most recent games I've played are.

Pokémon Pearl, Emerald, Ellis island, Zelda Twilight princess, Aveyond, Animal Crossing, and Hello Kitty party planner. (pisssssst if you have tips for any of those I may put up something you can put them on.)


hint for animal crossing bury a shovel with a shovel make a day go past dig the shovel up and get a big surprise.
on ellis island don't play the work it's impossible.
Aveyond is the best game ever on RPG!!!!!
I need cheats for zelda PLEASE!!!!

I hope you enjoy this site it's my first website so if it kind of stinks I understand...........No really I do.